Friday the 13th (July 2012)

Me and Ferny got into a sort of tampuhan earlier pero resolved na, salamat kay Lord sa pagbibigay ng guts para tawagan siiya at magpaliwanag ako. Nyehe. :3

Sir Joel didn’t attend our class today so we went to Gateway earlier to eat dinner at KFC. Yay. Yummy and kudos for the large Coke! And btw, Abi and Paul had their “PBB teens” act earlier at the CCMIT-LRC. LOL. We’re laughing out loud everytime the two of them argue about small things like Abi’s vital statistics. The only thing I’m very happy today is because of Jahren’s genuine laugh today. Yey.

Java’s getting boring anyway. Pero mahirap pa`rin. Tae, methods. -__-

Anyway, Friday the 13th’s so fun so far. Sayang, nawala pa cellphone ni Jelma. >_<

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